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Hello, welcome to the Soul Stone Simulator wiki. This is about the Roblox game called Soul Stone Simulator developed by HiIoh. The game is based off scene in Avengers Infinity War where Thanos sacrifices his daughter Gamora on the planet Vormir to claim the Soul Stone to get one step closer to his quest of obtaining all 6 Infinity Stones in order to restore balance by wiping out half of all life in the universe. The base map is made to resemble Vormir with various locations accessible within the map which reference and resemble other locations in the MCU i.e. the Soul Realm and Titan.

There are 30+ items available in the game which closely reference items and weapons like Captain America's Shield and the Infinity Gauntlet itself.

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This wiki was created by HelperCake11 on Roblox (with help by others).

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NOTE: I, HelperCake11 don't usually play this game anymore. This wiki might be outdated unless a person decides to update the wiki.


This is a guide on how to get things and stuff.

We have most stuff, search up what you need! (for example, you can find information on most of the badges and gamepasses currently available in the game)

If you want to talk to the creator or people who help with the wiki, this is the discord they are located in:

Pixel-bit Studios Discord - 🌐🌐 - This is a guide by DryDamYT on Youtube, give it a watch!

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